Maximize Your Reach with Social Media & Search Ads

We'll guide you through the complexity of a multi-channel advertising strategy, helping you achieve your desired growth. Navigate the ins and outs of digital ad campaigns with Barefoot so that your message reaches the right audience at the right time.

Let us fuel your success

Make an impact

We'll take your digital presence to the next level. We understand the variables involved in crafting a successful digital paid advertising campaign. You want engaging ads that increase your visibility, attracting new audiences and driving action. 

Our innovative approach boosts visibility, connects you with new audiences, effectively targets specific demographics, achieves cost-effectiveness, tracks performance, and improves engagement. Let us put our expertise and insights to work for you and find out why we are the go-to partner for your digital advertising needs.

Our Approach

We work to make your organization seen, connect you with new leads faster, and ensure your message reaches the people most likely to take action. 

We'll share comprehensive insight into your campaign, allowing you to track your performance in real time and adjust your strategy as needed.

Barefoot is committed to your current objectives and your future efforts, creatively utilizing available resources to ensure your investment reaches new heights.

Leverage Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Audience networks, Google Search and Google Display Ads + more.

What's Included in Our Strategy

Strategy, Development and Set Up

  • A complete customer journey plan and multi-channel digital ad strategy
  • Creative ad and content development
  • Budget and KPI direction

Launch, Monitor and Optimize

  • Regular and consistent campaign monitoring across channels with open communication between our team of specialists and yours to ensure exceptional results

Campaign Data Update Meetings

  • We keep you informed of the optimizations and actions we take

Campaign Report

  • Custom reports based on KPIs to monitor progress toward your objectives

Barefoot has been very good to work with, and has been thorough in assessing our ministry culture and helping us formulate a social media strategy to help us meet our mission goals and strategic objectives.

Scott Stein President, Prepared to Answer

The Benefits of Digital Ads

Increased Visibility and Broader Reach

Reach a wider audience and target specific demographics to connect with new people and grow faster.

Effective Targeting

Target specific audiences with detailed preferences to ensure your message is seen by the people who are most likely to take action. This includes:

  • Audience Research
  • Creative content and design

Track Results

Track the success of your campaigns in real time, making it easier to adjust and optimize your strategy as needed.

Cost-Effective Campaigns

Digital ads can be cost-effective and help you maximize your resources for the audiences that matter.

Ready to amplify your online presence?

Expand your reach, engage supporters, and drive meaningful action. Discover the transformative potential of Barefoot's tailored ad services. Connect with us today to discuss how we can take your non-profit's online presence to the next level and maximize your impact.