Barefoot has more than 25 years of experience in leading strategic data-driven direct response fundraising campaigns. 

Fundraising Campaigns

We specialize in crafting compelling and strategic fundraising campaigns tailored to your organization's unique goals. From annual fundraising initiatives to specific project-centric campaigns, we create engaging narratives that inspire donors to act.

Direct Mail and Online Integration

Our expertise extends to both traditional and digital fundraising channels. We design and execute direct mail campaigns that effectively reach potential donors, while also integrating online components to broaden your campaign's reach and engage a wider audience.

Donation Maximization

We employ data-driven strategies to optimize donation potential. Through meticulous planning, compelling messaging, and creative design, we create an environment that encourages donors to make impactful contributions.

Trust Barefoot to guide you through the intricacies of fundraising for non-profits.

Together, we will develop tailored campaigns that captivate your donors, amplify your mission, and drive the necessary resources to support your organization's important work.

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