Transform Your Brand with Barefoot

Your brand says a lot about who you are. It sets you apart. Our expert team dives deep into understanding your organization's mission, values, and goals to create a brand that resonates with your audience and drives engagement.

Why build your brand?


A strong brand can help differentiate your company from competitors in a crowded marketplace. By creating a unique brand identity, you attract an audience that shares your values and beliefs.


A strong brand means people know you. It makes your company memorable and increases the chances that customers will choose you over those of your competitors.

Trust and credibility

A well-established brand builds trust and credibility. That leads to word-of-mouth endorsements: the very best marketing you can get.


Building a strong brand ensures consistency across all your marketing and communication efforts, including your messaging, design, and customer experience. Consistency helps build trust with customers and reinforces your brand identity.


A strong brand increases the perceived value of your products or services. People gravitate to a strong brand. They are more willing to pay more for a product or give more as a donation when your brand resonates with them.


Barefoot’s brand discovery and development process is tested and proven. Here’s an overview of what you will experience with Barefoot as your Brand Guide:

Investigate: We dig deep into your history, values, mission and your current brand. Even if you don’t have a formal brand guide, you have a brand. You’ve just let others define it for you. Taking control of your brand is an important step in building your business or organization.

Define: Starting with your vision and mission and current perceptions, Barefoot works with your team to define your brand.

Express: Once we are agreed on the brand essence, we express your unique personality in your logo, colour palette, voice words and photography and other creative expressions of who you are.

Apply: Taking the foundation of your brand expression, we apply the brand to organizational materials, like your website, corporate stationery, videos and collateral material.

Support: Maintaining a strong and consistent brand is hard work. Barefoot stands with you to implement the brand and to work alongside your team.

Brands We've Helped Shape