Celebrating 25 years!

Sparked by our passion to serve nonprofits with excellence and professional communication strategies – Barefoot Creative was incorporated on April 14, 1999.

Our Roots

Before the ubiquity of smartphones and social media, Barefoot Creative launched a unique boutique agency serving nonprofits. Gayle & Kevin, coming out of World Vision Canada, launched Barefoot Creative. Kevin, as Art Director and Gayle as Creative Director.

We saw the power of professional marketing in developing long-term relationships with donors. We tested and mastered the intricacies of direct response strategies to drive donations. And, with the World Vision Famine campaign as our first account, we were off and running.

Relationships with core nonprofits in Canada and internationally positioned Barefoot Creative as a strong, creative agency with expertise in fundraising.

We thank each of our past and present clients for their trust in us and for partnering with us to achieve this milestone!

Our Team

Most of all we would like to thank our team – so many people who worked, played and struggled through fun, interesting, new and sometimes difficult campaigns to build what is now Barefoot.

We give a special thank you to Kevin Hawley, partner and passionate art director for more than 20 years, bringing excellence in design and setting stellar processes, building our reputation for creative approaches to direct marketing, organizational collateral and communications material.

Barefoot was built by a team of amazing people who have invested their skill and time in Barefoot – smart and talented people who have walked alongside us. Thank you to (in no rational order)… Heather, Kim, Audrey, Larry N, Dan S, Dan G, Sara K, Brian R, Brian C, Ryan, Sara N, Natasha, Gord, Liz, Paul, Douglas, Kara, Karen, Matt, Janelle, Val, Ryan, Robin, Sasha, Jesse, Lisa, Pam, Lindsay, Tabitha, Alicia, Stephanie, Merlene, Ben, Dale, Chris, Stephen, Carley, Molly, Cameron, Donna, Kristin, Philip, Leslie, Leanne, Lori, Sophie, Melody, Vicki Ashely, Sonja, Lindsey, Bruce, Matthew, Stefan, Rachel, Alison, Carole, Lydia.

As we grew, we expanded our offices to Frobisher, Victoria Street, then Breslau. Each had unique settings and room for growth. So many opportunities and interesting clients to serve.

Then COVID hit.

In one day, the world changed. We successfully navigated the uncertainty of lockdown, reduced work and new work environments. And we emerged refreshed and renewed.

Looking Forward

Thinking towards the future, Barefoot Creative rebranded in 2022 – we re-visioned our focus on excellence in digital tools and creative development of campaigns, brands, and fundraising. While we continue to provide traditional marketing, brand and communication collateral, we are digital first.

Today, we are excited to provide excellence in digital services. Barefoot Web and Donor Builder are supported by a team that augments the success of the CRM by providing ongoing, timely service to our clients. We are there for the hard questions, customizations and a vision for intuitive digital tools.

We are privileged to have creative and visionary clients. They encourage us to think beyond the ordinary, using digital tools to enhance their working environment. With expertise in integration and adaptation, we provide unique solutions to unique clients.

Celebrate with us as we launch into our 26th year of creative excellence, building strong client relationships and impacting the world of work by applying digital tools to make teams smarter, more efficient and more effective at impacting change.

Your passion for building strong organizations and businesses that make the world a better place inspires us – we look forward to the next 25 years!

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